Friday, September 25, 2009


eh this blog hit is already passed 12,000. after more than a year. Yay!. before, this blog was even kutuk-ed because merely reached about 3, 000 hits. anyway, cerita lama. I am not a popular blogger, and initially i was blogging just for the sake of expression. i remember my few first blog entries were about my frustration on my statistics paper and things related to my study and final year project (not in this blog). later, after joining blogger, i think i can scrap a cent or 2 from blogging, beside sharing my side of story about... emm just anything. from my personal to politics, to science, to pop culture and what and about around me. beside hoping to improve my mimpi-ngeri-cikgu-inggeris-English. my blog is more than just my expression.

as for my nuffnang account, i think i just let it go, ehem.. not the money, but the idea i can actually make a decent living thru blogging, (which is too ambitious). sell nothing but just bit of space for advertisement in my site, and making money. well, it is not that simple. until i can write like a pro, (or blog like a pro), i better find a real pay cheque outside blogsphere. hopefully, my nuffnang account is getting fatter and fatter. i'll wait.

blogging more or less keep me company, i am quite a chatter in my real life (with certain people who i am comfortable with). this is place where i can put my self monologue. after all, manusia mana lah yang baik hati nak dengar aku membebel selalu kan? haha.

i know, i am neither che det or AKAB, the hit or comments in this blog wont soar to big numbers, at least not anytime soon. but i'll keep on blogging, for whatever reason. Insya Allah.

yes Mr. B lets make another 12 hundreds, shall we?

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