Thursday, September 10, 2009

now I'm worried.

reading from others' blog, protest against Malaysia in Jakarta is getting harder (i dont know to what level). The protesters are more aggressive. even threatening to physically injured Malaysians in Jakarta.

i dont know, is this about the dance? why spill blood over a dance. what you call it? pendet? pendat? as far as i know, the dance's origin can be traced back to ancient hindus era. ermm... now you claim it is yours? ok, it is yours, just dont hurt my fellow Malaysians. deal?

what next? i heard the protesters want to claim 'Rendang' as theirs. what? again? I never heard any Itallian who is willing to spill blood so they can claim Pizza as their, we know Pizza is from Italy, but I think it is more popular in US. how about frankfurter? or hamburger?. or the most controversial ever, french fries?. people around the globe just simply enjoy it.

i like rendang, for me the taste is very 'melayu' and of course sinfully delicious!. doesnt matter who was the original chef of Rendang, or the very first person to invent rendang's recipe, it is a food, enoy it. if you want to claim it as yours, do it. so, what will you get after that? glory? just dont hurt my fellow Malaysians in Jakarta.

world is worried about economic issues, may be about environment or about oil and gas. and you are wasting your time fight tooth and nail over a dance and rendang?

oh yeah, i mention about environment issues, haze is worsening in my beloved homeland, guess where the bloody haze come from? your homeland, neighbour, dont forget to claim the haze too. it is originally yours!.

p/s: to my fellow Malaysians abroad, take care of each other. to my fellow Malaysians at home, stop quarreling over silly things and also take care of each other.

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