Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello Neighbour, whats your problem?

I dont know, either to laugh or to ignore, i think i laugh first then ignore. about what? about constant silly serial claims and protests from disgruntle Indo(n)s to my dearly beloved Malaysia.

i dont know why this Neighbour is so unhappy. yes, neighbour, why? can we move forward, and stop this stupid endless argument. owh about dance? what dance? you want to claim it as yours? just claim it. make another tv show or documentary. no need to burn flags or start serial street demos. get your camera on, and start filming or documenting something that you claim as yours.

some claims are soooo absurd, like the flower, the song, etc. etc.... you look stupid, because you act like stupid.

anyway, i suggest for them to make a claim on an old chap name, Nuar Berahim. yes, He speaks like you, He acts like you, He is the mirror image of you here in Malaysia. come on, go after him, claim him, take him away.

I pretty enjoyed my first visit to Indo(n). now I doubt if there will be a second visit.

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