Saturday, September 26, 2009

The day when Celcom pwned us all.

on last thursday, me and my peers (most of us are celcom users, at least use celcom x pax as prime contact number) faced difficulty to contact each other. x pax was not working. couldnt make or recieve call. sms was working but not very well. here is the rest of story.

i hate texting using my thumbs. so i am not fan of sms, no matter how cheap it is. so usually i call, especially if i (urgently) want to contact family members or close friends.

i even digged my bro's stuff to find extra sim card so i can use it. luckily he has 2 extra digi sim cards (my bro has more than 3 sim cards, i dont know what bussines deals he does that make him needs a lot of sim cards).

now i have 2 numbers, 1 is my 6 years old celcom (see celcom, how loyal i am, even after pwned by you), the other is the yellow one (which i dont like, but i think it is better to have 2nd number, just in case). now i need (or want) to buy another phone, emmm... what a waste.

p/s: perasan tak whenever i write in english, i write much much shorter entry. haha.


nurul khairunie said...

i was like this close to ban celcom the past couple of days, after using the same number for more than 7 years.

Puteri Katak said...

l cannot ban them. not until l finish using the scholarship money. muahahahahha :D