Monday, August 10, 2009


I am not allowed to apply for the financial assistance scheme. I'll be just fine and ok if they just stamp my form and reject it (after consideration) later. I dont mind if I dont get the money. but not allowing me to apply is just to harsh. I paid a lot. They ripped me off quite a lot. I am not allowed to apply, why? because I am not doing research?. so what the hell am I doing in my lab? if not research. I have been there since a year ago. the policy is unfair. explain to me why I am not allowed to apply, on what reason?. It is ok to reject my application, but stop me from applying is a marginalisation.

may be their fucking policy is base on, "if she cans afford RM 15000, why should we give her RM 1000". you know what, i wont let this go, becauseI after more than just money. If this is only about RM 1000. I'll just let it go. life is easier without their money. This is about fighting for my right. my right to be treated equal. yes, i demand them to treat me equal.

they have been treating me like step child ever since I enrolled. pushing us (me and peers) here and there, like we are not the legal student who paid the fee. I am registered. This is blatant discrimination. why dont just cut the amount of financial assistance scheme for people like me. why dont have 2 categories of scheme? say like the full research can apply max RM1000, while the non research/non full research can only apply max RM 300 or at least can apply. lagipun yang macam aku ni bukan ramai mana pun.

I gave my heart to them, they waste no time to break it. I wont cry, I just Maki Hamun. actually I plan to do more than just maki hamun. so lets the head roll.....

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