Monday, August 10, 2009


if you read my previous science or movie labeled postings, you may know I am a fan of movie Planet of The Apes and evolution. actually I study evolution in general and my current field is Taxonomy (which is related to evolution). I think Planet of the Apes is awesome. even I havent watch the original movie, but Mark Whalberg's version is pretty cool to me.

I know this isnt a real science, but sci-fi. anyway, last night I watched Journey to the center of the earth 2008. i dont care much about CGI or technical part. but the story is awesome. I never read Jule Verne's novel. but from wiki, I think it is brilliant.

when the movie was showed on cinema, i thought it was just something like The Mummy's series (because of Brendan Fraser). I was kind of sceptical about this movie. When my lecturer mentioned about this movie while we were discussing about volcanic, continental drift, evolution, and biogeography. I was so in mood to watch the movie. I did last night, and it was great.

I am not really into sci-fi or pop-sci movie, I never like star wars, or star trek, but I think now, Journey to the Center of the Earth is the greatest rival for Planet of the Apes for my most favourite sci-fi movie.

I watched the old version movie of Journey to the centre of the earth. but i didnt like it, actually i didnt finish, lost interest soon after i watched first few minutes.

emm.. another my all time favourite is The Abbys by James Cameron. I always like Ed Hariss, but I think I like him more if he played antagonist character. like the German sniper in Enemy of the Gates. haha.. about The Abbys, I actually believe it, emm.. not the alien part, but the part when Ed Hariss gulped down some kind of liquid that eneable him to breathes in water. I think such kind of liquid is exist, of course this breathing in water idea is merely possible in laboratory controlled condition, too ambitious for real situation like in The Abbys. but who knows... haha.

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