Monday, August 17, 2009


internet slow ni sekarang ni. tiada mood juga untuk blog. tapi aku sangat lah bosan sekarang. as usual i exactly know where am in going if i bored. tak payah lah menulis panjang lebar pasal tu. blogging and FB keep me company. pathetic. sangat pathetic.

about my study, tadi masa melipat2 kain. i told myself, i'll keep on doing this until i finish what i started or until little voice in me say 'i dont want to do this anymore'. which ever come first. i am always a student in my heart. for now it is really frustrating and eating me alive. i guess i think too much when ever i am doing house chore.

aku tak tahu mau cakap apa. my status now, whenever people ask me when i am going to finish my study, my answer is not something warm. always laced with cold hard words or sometimes vulgar. so better dont ask.

frustrating satu hal, demoralising satu hal. i feel like screaming everyday. i need to keep my sane, think straight.

I am more than you think I am. beware.

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