Thursday, August 20, 2009

I want

we always want something we cant get. thats normal. what about we get everything we want but all we want are wrong things? is that normal?

ok, here is my newest wishlist (konon).

1. a camera. i dont know if i can handle or want dslr. it is too expensive, too big, and being me i know my interest on the camera only last for few months. so i guess, the main criterias for my future camera are, 1. affordable 2. satisfying and suit my need 3. i can use it for long time. 4. user friendly
i think i prefer camera with disposable batteries like my dad's canon. because i hate tangled with charger wire, and while i am in the middle of nowhere (i.e. field work, or stuck on the beautiful island) how am i going to recharge my battery? (believe me such thing happened few times before).

i prefer Leica. owh my.. Lomo is good, but Leica? is tempting!. i dont know how these two are different... emm.. but we know Leica will cost me (read: my dad) a fortune.

2. a new laptop.

Dear my Father,
I really want/need a new laptop, can you buy 1 for me?. I always love you.

Thank You,
Your Daughter, me.

3. musical keyboard. i am orang kampung. typical orang kampung like me didnt go to professional musical lesson. i only played melodyhorn when i was in primary, in music class (ada kah lagi kelas muzik sekarang?). therefore i cant read musical notes.

i always have interest to play musical instrument. so i plan to get myself a cheap musical keyboard. i think i can pick up one or 2 beginner skill from youtube. cheap keyboard from nearby supermarket pun boleh. start learning to play by ears (macam terer.. haha).

4. English lesson at British Council.

you read my blog. you know instantly i need English lesson. hopefully i can take TOEFL soon. i need this TOEFL sometime in future.

5. sweet company.
i was so glad yesterday, after quite sometime finally i had lunch with people. real people from lab. usually i eat my lunch alone with my laptop in my room before off to lab. but i had my dinner alone =(.

i dont know how to ask people out. most of the time i just try my luck. but everyone is busy. i dont want to pesting people around. so i think the best company now is my laptop, and internet. so please understand why i am furious whenever the internet is disconnected. thats why i balik kampung every weekend (at least balik putatan) i cannot stand spending my weekend with empty atmosphere. i need real human connection. internet, blogging, facebook are only filling in the void on temporaily basis. all these so called technologies, or whatever will never replace real human's touch.

p/s: khairunie, your blog is cool. i like it. keep on blogging and oh yeah.. clicking and snapping. thank you.


nurul khairunie said...

thank you so much for reading my blog. honestly i do hope that i can meet you one day.

i like leica and lca. but zenith pun best juga =)

green apple said...

aku punya aim skang is iPhone and Macbook tapi bila pikir2 balik, HTC ni pun aku tak guna semua application and nak beli Macbook?????? Dell ni pun aku abis guna pun Word ngan Excel je...

Jlascanteen said...

khairunie: yeah.. mungkin kita boleh jumpa. as long as kau masih di sabah lah.

diana: itu lah. macbook n iphone tu sudah lah mahal, kalau tidak guna function2 semua dalam tu sayang juga. bagus beli nokia 300-400 saja. yg boleh sms, mms, tangkap foto, dan mp3.

so far terliur2 macam tu saja sama macbook. iphone mmg tidak berkenan.