Wednesday, August 5, 2009


KK is sooo blazing hot. literally. plus with haze, wah... seems like i dont want to leave my berkepam room. because the sun ray is really hot and striking. (apa aku mengarut ni). kapish!. pergh... panas beb panas... mana tak aku melayang menghadap fb, siang bawa ke pagi bawa ke siang ke malam... panas yang amat. nak pergi lunch pun fikir 2 kali. nak start kereta yang di park tempat tanpa bumbung... pergh.. i tell you beb.. seksa gila2.... the heat is really something can easily crack you nerve.

I cashed in my cheque earlier today. Alhamdulilah after months of bureaucracy problems. hopefully everything will be ok after this. financially speaking. another thing done today, i submitted my application for student financial assistance to be signed by boss. dapat tak dapat belakang kira, yang penting minta dulu. mana yang boleh balun, rembat, rembat sepenuhnya. i know step child like me ni most likely tak kan dapat. but who knows kan, rezeki.

pergh... panas lah really panas.

now i dare to say, i fall for Java, at least West Java. ermm.. may be i sound like i am kejakunan. but trully, as much as I want to travel across europe, my first (sponsored) trip to Java was an eye opener. now i really want to explore southeast asia. yes this region. i think that is more realistic travelling goal than europe. yes, i cant afford to travel to europe. but when i check travel agency's website, i think in 2-3 years i can afford to travel around SE region.

friend of mine just came back from his trip to Timor Leste. yes, Timor Leste. me, being a Sabahan, of course i feel sceptical about it. hahaha Timor Leste is not likely a country any Sabahan will choose as a vacation gate away. if you are a sabahan, you will understand why. but from picture he uploaded.. wow.. i think Timor is an exotic place to be explored. Hiking in Timor.. how cool is that. add another notch on my belt. I have already Hiking in Sabah, Hiking in Java, why not Hiking in Timor?

another place that i keep my eyes close beside Java is Cambodia. yes, also trigger by photos uploaded by the same guy who went to Timor. Yes, i would like to go to Cambodia, it is a very historical country, unique, and i think plenty to see and explore there. and from the same travel agency's website, they do have Cambodia package. affordable. i think since i can contact the owner of agency directly via email or phone, i can nego a discount or something. I am a regular reader of his blog. I want to see museums, and of course the Angkor Wat.

back to Java, emm.. actually I am calculating how much will it cost me if I go to Central Java, i think 4d3n trip will be good enough to see Central Java. I know i need more time if i want to explore the province in and out. since i have few contact in Indonesia, so.. emm.. still calculating. (4k is not that much- reality!). emm.. may be i put this plan on hold, until i have real extra money on my side.

what i dont like about package offered in travel agency i mentioned above is the tentative. too many shopping spree tentative. ehem.. i dont fly all the way to Java so i can explore shopping mall. i want to see the people, their culture, what i cannot see here in KK, i mean of course lah kita serumpun. tapi mesti ada kelainannya.

I was lucky, when I went to Bandung, and didnt stuck in factory outlet. I can buy shirt in KK or even in Membakut, and actually i have enough shirt to wear. kenapa malaysian kalau pergi berjalan kena beli ole2 or membeli belah? plenty to see in Bandung. terima kasih lah kepada penaja yang telah arrange excursion yang menarik ke volcano2 around sana.

I like makan2 juga masa jalan2 ni. tapi tu lah.. my throat can gulp down almost everything, but my stomach is sensitive to almost everything jogak.

emm... sangat dalam exploration mood. tapi ironiknya aku tak ikut ekspedisi ke muaya. sebab aku dah pergi 2 kali, and so not in mood nak pergi field sekarang.. baru balik dari workshop, nak pergi field, and lepas tu ada seminar pulak minggu depan.. hush.. penat tu. so better focus on apa nak pakai time seminar minggu depan. but i hope i can join next expedition to kinabalu after raya. hehe.. bcoz my ex big big boss pun bakal join, and my former teachers pun most likely joint, sebab ni kerjasama between my current alma mater and my former.

short term plan.. biar lah aktiviti bersukaria bersama rakan di gunung berhampiran tercapai dulu. lepas tu baru.. 2nd short term plan. aku nak pergi melaka haha.. nak makan cendol and pergi penang nak makan char kuey teow. ha.. yang ini pun dah berapa tahun tak terlaksana sampai sekarang. Labuan? ni another projek berjalan2 bertaraf gajah putih.

so? jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan duit banyak habis. hehe

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