Monday, August 24, 2009


Takziah kepada Tuan Haji Wahid dan keluarga diatas pemergian anakanda yang dikasihi. semoga tabah dan diberikan kekuatan untuk menghadapi dugaan ini. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.


recently from others' blog i read about fatal accident in Perlis, involving uniMAP students. make me feel so sad. i dont know the victims but i do feel sorry. and 2 of the deceases were from sabah and sarawak. most likely they went to KML. i hope the parents and families stay strong to endure this test.

i remember read something on a paper, may be a book synopsis. the text said something more or less like this, 'if you lost your parents, you'll become an orphan, if you lost your spouse you'll become a widower, what you'll become if you lost a child?".

for me, if you lost your child you will never recover...

young souls returned to The Creator, remind us how short this life can be. so be nice, be grateful, and stay in love with your love ones.

my deepest sympathy for those who lost their child and love ones.

Al-Fatihah and RIP.

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nurul khairunie said...

calvin was one of the victims of the car crash in perlis.