Friday, July 3, 2009

slice of old soul

this week i have been a little curious about Lomography. I still dont understand what Lomography really is, but I get some ideas about it. Now, digital photography as hobby is something very trendy. and i guess this trendy thingy will soon saturated, and then only the one with true passion will continue clicking, snapping and polishing his/her dslr camera. everyone is crazy about dslr, at least here in Malaysia lah. the photo's blog is mushrooming, and the wedding photography industry is packed with competition. from photos of wedding to aqiqah ceremony, all are in demand to be captured by professional photog with big gun camera and long lens. (betul kah ayat aku ni.. macam tunggang langgang jak).

I am not good with predictment, but i think Lomography is the next. I have already found quite numbers of sites or weblogs writing about how to Lomographizied the Digital Photo. still i think, only Lomo photo is the real Lomo photo. and butchering photo which have taken by dslr to make it looks like Lomo is simply a photo editing job, not the Lomo.

Lomography, with motto 'dont think, just shoot'. so just snap, snap, snap, capture the moment, the memory, the everything. well... who am i to talk about photography... me myself is only using a cameraphone to take photo. beautiful photo is beautiful. but once i have to consider the grid, the light, the balance, the object, the power point, the every rules whatsoever while taking photo i like, i guess such thing is tiring and no fun. i just want to capture photos. with what, is not important, i just want to capture photos.

why am i intersted with Lomo? because i like vintage stuff. though i cannot afford any, I like the smell of yesteryears. Hold on you, i was born in 1980's, therefore I am still very young. Just I have this slice of old soul in me. Analog could be fun too. do you think a singer like Mawi can record an album if his producers use an analog system instead of digital system. Hahahaha.... singer like Mawi is not even a singer if analog is still dominating the world. ok, I stop bashing Mawi. for now.

sometime i like the torn by time look in digital photo (thanks to Photoshop) but truthfully it is not real enough to me. if you want a vintage looks in your photo, use the analog lah. i guess, nobody really want to insert the out dated rolling film in an outdated less fun camera. plus, you need to scan it before upload it. simply use the editing software, now you have the vintage looks in photo.

Last week, I went to nearby public library, it's kinda rusty kind of library, but the books inside are very worth to read, especially malay literature books. in the library, i saw a polaroid camera on display. it was donated by one of the library staff who already retired, i guess. there was also an old type writer. My father used to work as a government clerk, I wonder where is his old orange type writer now. We used to play with the type writer, My eldest brother was the most expert among us to use the type writer back then.

If i have some extra cash in future, i would like to buy these. just for good old time sake.
My father used to own this. I plan to look for steel saftey razor this weekend in KK, i hope shop in old town KK is still selling this thing. It is environmental friendly compare to disposable plastic razor. just it is too heavy.

ok, old type writer... i really want to show this piece to my niece. she knows what laptop is. she needs to see an evidence of before computer era.Polaroid camera, haha... may be I'll look for a non digital camera also. the film roll camera. i dont think our family ever owned a polaroid cam.

I am Malaysian, so I cannot said I want a big damn Cadillac to remind me good old days, since I was born in 1980's so this Mazda is vintage enough for me. I only know about Cadillac after Astro invaded houses in Malaysia. My childhood car was my father's 1982 Mitsubishi Galant.. the car now is in my uncle's hand. already sold it. it wasnt just a car, it was part of us. Galant is a heavy car to drive, so i dont think i'll enjoy driving Galant, the steering is just too stiff.

we called this biskal tua (old bicycle), i dont know why, may be because usually only old man ride this bike. My ustaz used to ride this (may be he still is), everytime i saw his bicycle back then, i really like it. It is Black, It is Bold, It is like an Ashton Martin for a Bicycle, except the speed. My late Grandpa also used to had one.

my mother has dozens of glass like this. i just want a half dozen. i really like this glass, the duralex. the most wanted duralex by 80's-90's housewives.

earlier this week, me and my sis, watched 4u2c's fiona video on youtube. i know 4u2c was 1990's band, but at that time we still used 1980's radio to listen Fiona song. I think our old radio died because of natural causes.. (ageing).

i need a lot of money to buy junk from 1980's.