Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life is Short, Be nice.

in less than 24 hours I heard 2 sad news. I was in Indonesia for the past 2 weeks, and I didnt really have time to go online. I heard both of sad news via facebook.

last night, a friend's status stated Yasmin Ahmad passed away after being coma for 3 days. and few minutes later, i read another friend's status update, said MFJ was passed away. MFJ or Mohd Fairus was a lecturer in my department. I dont really know what was happened actually. from information uploaded in facebook, he suffered lung infection. my friend have confirmed me about his death. he passed away yesterday afternoon. (when I was still tangled with my luggage at Soekarno Hatta).

I certainly didnt know about Mohd. Fairus condition. when I left 2 weeks ago, everything was alright in our department. Life is short, so better be nice with each other. Al-Fatihah for Mohd. Fairus and Yasmin.

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