Thursday, July 2, 2009

confession of the worst traveller.

this up and coming indo trip really consume me. sigh.

this is why i HATE travel, because travel never really like me. good news, i have my passport ready and confirmed my ticket. guess what, my supposed to be maiden solo international trip is not going to be this.

first i think it is good if i board on the very expensive Jala's pride, MAS airlines, from KK and transit at KLIA. before leaving for Soekarno Hatta. that was the plan for solo travel. since everyone can fly, then I am not going to fly solo. yes, airasia it is. for three persons.

i planned to arrive in Jakarta on 13th, but since everyone can fly, confirmed tickets are dated 11th July. 2 days advance. so, now i am sort of drafting an email in my head. how am i suppose to tell my sponsor that i will arrive in Jakarta 2 days advance. i am pretty sure, they wont sponsor my 2 extra days. i think i am the first abroad participant to arrive in Jakarta. less time for planning, less time for packing, less time for everything.

The top reason why I'll off to Indo is to attend a tentative packed workshop, sponsored by my benevolent sponsor. Therefore, beside juggling between ticket, pasport, packing, yada-yada.. i also need to study beforehand. because i dont want to look like a dumb ass in the workshop, i dont know who will attend the workshop, i guess experts from asean will be there to guide the participants. Leaving 2 days earlier than my original plan really cost me valueable time. i need to be on the top of my game. because i am sponsored, therefore i dont want to let my sponsor down by showing below par preformance. It is free because it is priceless.

i dont know about Bandung plan, Jakarta plan, whatever plan. me myself, really want to go to Tangkuban Perahu, but as bitter as it sound, the purpose of this trip is for study, not solely having fun. study first, and lace the study with fun.

i am really tired. beside this trip, at the same time, i need to do my routine lab work, reading, and dealing with very pin on the arse incompetency of university's brusary. luckily, i managed to find inside person to help me with my claim. thanks to internet and thanks to her. i hope, they will give me a cheque to cash in soon.

speaking of lab work, key's problem. yes literally, key is always be my problem. i broke my key, i was lucky the broken piece wasnt stuck inside the lock. if it was, then everyone need to duplicate new key. and the nearest and only locksmith is the slowest locksmith i ever met. he is very slow, like he is carving the duplicate key with a knife from a piece of raw iron. but i have no choice.


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