Friday, July 10, 2009

The Call

Razman called me. had a very long chat. miss him. take care buddy. will upload some pix for you. we seldom contact each other (sorry buddy i will try to contact you more often than i already have, which is almost zilch). I think we just talk once a month, twice utmost. I'll try to text him more often (oh my i hate text-ing by using only my thumbs and on small keypad). and he takes forever to reply my email.

I love to listen You and I both (I am listening now) by Jason Mraz. Because this song was hawt, when we were first met. the first time I dare to greet him, when we were in a lecture hall, and he was wearing yellow shirt with lame college's navy neck tie. damn I miss the good old matric college. and I miss people I met there. one year or so was enough for us to develop this special kind of loving friendship. the relationship i treasure the most after my parents and family. but I never remember his birthday. I know somewhere in July. I always forgot his birthday. I am not sorry for that. haha. I think this thing make us special. we dont celebrate each other's birthdays

He texted me in the early morning on my graduation day. and i woke up very late on his. only showed up to met him for dinner later. haha. classic me. and that was almost 2 years ago. the last time we were really met.

Thanks for this friendship, thanks for every kuih paus you ever bought me, for every photos and memory, for every food we have shared together, for you and everything, including a guy whom you gave my number to.

here some lyric from You and I both;
And it's okay if you have go away Oh just remember the telephone works both ways And if I never ever hear them ring If nothing else I'll think the bells inside Have finally found you someone else and that's okay Cause I'll remember everything you sang

taken the night after his graduation. You and I both

p/s: dont worry buddy I am not seeing someone. I am not even looking.

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