Wednesday, June 3, 2009

closeted drummer

just back from post party dinner. i consumed pretty large amount of meat. the food is fantastic. but the situation is waaayyyyyyy awkward. awkward with capital A. actually it is a post wedding party. another party (3days 2nights) will be held this coming weekend. food fiesta to be persist.

anyway i am not really in mood to write about wedding. everyone, back and front, right and left is in wedding mood. practically everyone. the only thing i like so far is i had chance to blast the gedabak (a traditional skin drum) in Kulintangan jamming session last night. i could play the easiest tune of traditional Brunei's Kulintangan (some said, Gulintangan but i prefer to pronounce it with 'k'). i hope i can play the 'taidung' tune but sound like some shitte drop from buffalo's arse.

i am the youngest in the 'band'. my mum hit the tawak-tawak (the Gong), the rest of aunties took care another tawak-tawak, piece of canang (small gong) and the vital Kulintangan (the staple instrument, some kind of xylophone). In Gamelan Music, Kulintangan is equivalent to Bonang but arranged like Gambang. i played Gamelan in my freshman year, also the drum.

i played traditional instrument alongside my mum and aunties. closing some generation gap perhaps?


green apple said...

aku lagi rela tak dijemput ke pesta perut macam ni okk....makan 3 jam, pastu 3 bulan perut aku tak surut-surut.

Jlascanteen said...

nanti rasa rugi pulak... hehe