Monday, May 11, 2009

pre showdown

i cant really concentrate. too many to read. biasalah kan musim exam ni, entah apa apa dari biasa. apa pun harap2 semuanya ok. i'll try to maximized my productive hours. i've been doing this for many years. this close to be professional huh?.

really look forward to through this hurdle.just this week, after this week, i will earn half of my freedom. another half still undetermined, yet. but that is my short aim, earn my full freedom. and simply get the certificate. so i can move on to the next chapter. sometime it is scary. sometime it falls under 'get it done' category. so i prefer to get it done. just do it, like nike said.

one thing hurt me the most would be, no one really care what i have done for this. so i have decided to do this for myself. just put some zen element in this final (?) crusade, so i wont burn myself. if nobody appreciate my hardwork, i have nothing to offer anymore. for sure i cannot be another mr contractor. neither ambil sijil arkitek or jurutera thru pintu belakang. hey... if any pintu belakang opened for me, i'll take the chance, for sure. just there is no pintu belakang for me yet, i guess. btw, how can someone who barely passed simple maths claim himself an architect or engineer?


oh yeah... everybody seems like pre-occupied with up and coming spring-summer wedding. me? not really. somehow the wedding is taking over a large piece of everybody's time and life. from theme colour to how many will come.

in my place, as tradition, wedding could simply translated to 3 days 2 nights extravaganza eating fiesta. and i dont really embrace this kind of tradition. yes, contradic. am i a rebel? with a cause, sure i am.

i dont really enjoy crowd. may be thats why i dont fancy normal wedding. i like wedding only if it is a low key ceremony, 1 day or night celebration, and list of guests is not extended to great grandfather's third cousin's grandchildren. but to those elders, great grandfather's third cousin's is still consider as close relative. with or without relativity rules. either i am embracing tradition or not, respecting elders is must. something i always do half heart-ed.

i am not really a liberalist. not really a conservative. i am just accept tradition if only it is relevant. because it is a tradition not religion. for sure i dont accept 'biar mati anak jangan mati adat'. do you think i will let a child die because an adat? come on, where is your common sense?

which one do you prefer? 1. spending your wedding day with tired and sweaty face, to salam and entertain your hundereds of guests, whom more than half you dont even know their name. plus you have to put a fake smile on your face. 2. enjoy your wedding with your new life partner, give a very warm honest gesture to your family and smaller crowd guest. walla...

after all it is a wedding not perhimpunan pemimpin bersama rakyat.

commercial-values-packed-wedding is also someting i love to hate. what commercial values? you know the trendy stuff our people love to follow. super grand wedding dais worth rm 5 grands or so or baju pengantin 15 persalinan or 5 times bersandings or bersanding naik kereta kuda putih or naik bot ditarik 2 ekor disney channel swan.ridiculous. i guess they just love to waste their money. a kind of theraphy perhaps?.

wedding is merely lasted over a weekend, dont waste too much for it. channel your precious energy and money for your marriage. i think that is something more worthful to fight for.

emm... just my opinion. biasa lah exam kan... hahaha, tulis pun macam offensive gila

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