Wednesday, May 13, 2009

malam ini gundah gulana, hari esok hari bahagia

1. i re-charged my mp3 player... finally after 2 months.

2. buried in my notes, semantic jumble, jargon, and i dont really know to spell pleistocene correctly... and when was it happened actually?

3. my left eye is swelling. infection.

4. Perak crisis continue... remember when i was following Gore-Bush presedential election back then... a talk show host (whom name i dont want to mention) even jokes about giving Florida to Sweden. dubbed as toughest election after Kennedy-Nixon. but i didnt follow Kerry-Bush election. Obama? not really care... Gore-Bush was the only american presedential election i ever followed. there is a movie about it, titled 'Re-Count'. nizar (read: ngeh) and zambry should watch the movie. i havent watch it myself.

oh ya... i suggest anwar should watch Milk... hahaha.

5. calm. suprisingly calm? not really.

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