Friday, May 15, 2009

loading gun and sometime in future.

i am so looking forward to earn half of my freedom. another half is in form of 9 credit hours of dissertation. sensu stricto.

reading... a lot of reading (and facebook-ing). conservation biology is the very basic foundation of my field. even my former teacher said so. by mentioning CB, means it is ruled by CBD, at least on paper. there are more related treaties, and i dont really want to list down all of them.

i keep on thinking what next. what next?, and somehow i am picturing myself as a teacher. more to a teacher rather than a (lousy) scientist. for a quite sometime, i always consider myself as scientist first teacher later (relatively). thats why i had no intention to pursue B. Ed. (Sc.). but now it is like i am seeing myself as a teacher and a scientist, almost equally. at the same time i think i'll be the most boring teacher in the school, and my students probably thrash me in their blogs or forum. (too much angan2 or real thinking?)

but if sometime in future i'll be a teacher. i would like to be a science teacher to non science student or percisely, a biology teacher to art/social science student. yes, i think it is more interesting to put evolution idea into someone who is majoring in art/social science than, teaching evolution to those who is majoring in biology. (apa jenis inggeris yang aku tulis ni?)

banyak angan-angan lah aku ni.

as cliche as it sound. teacher is a good profession. yes, may be you wont earn that much, but it is good. generally.

actually teaching profession is very contradic to me. i dont really fancy nak mengurus manusia hari2, dealing with student. and teacher memang kerjanya hari2 mengurus murid (manusia). plus, i hate public speaking. i think these explain a lot why i do taxonomy.

because i like to work with other species, rather than mine. (ok sound nerd gila... but i am not). but trust me, no matter what i'll be, i am always a biology student at heart.


nurul khairunie said...

everybody's a teacher, don't you think?

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