Saturday, May 2, 2009

what i watched

just finished watching the da vinci code in AXN.  exhausting movie. since i like history thingy, so forgive them. i know kinda ketinggalan zaman, (orang dah sibuk nak tengok angles & demons) but i think someday i'm gonna watch angels & demons, so i better watched the da vinci code first. books??? i hate fiction book. i dont know how to classified "the da vinci code" book, pseudo non fiction or pseudo fiction or half true... whatever, i never read the book. i wont read it, probably. 

i think about 2 years ago, NatGeo channel had showed 'bible week' program or something alike. the program was about all kind of biblical stroies from NatGeo's point of view. more or less something interesting to watch and to know. at least for me. holy grail related story was also included in the program. i think what caught my attention the most was, the story of knight tempelar. 

if i am not mistaken, NatGeo or discovery channel (or both) also showed the review of the da vinci code book. they was trackking back the story in the book and try to parallel it with the real history. prior the da vinci code, there are numbers of book have been written regarding the holy grail and the holy bloodline. 

i remember long time ago, before astro took over our life, i have watched a documentary about holy grail. they said, the location of the cup is in one of church somewhere in Habsyah. both church and the cup are heavily guarded by the people there. how the cup reached Habsyah? i dont know. 

the holy grail was also mentioned in one of Indiana Jones movies. the movie that used Petra of Jordan as the location. the cup is more or less a likeable subject for film makers, authors, historians, devotees(?). yes it may be a myth or a historical relict or just an ancient cup... whatever it is, it have been sensationalised to certain extent.

and me, i just watched the end products (movies and tv programs). 


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