Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i have my say too.

kenapa bila orang semenanjung cakap buruk/persendakan pasal Sabah atau orang Sabah boleh? kenapa bila Orang Sabah pertahankan diri sendiri dikatakan bersikap kenegerian?

call me kenegerian, i dont care. this is my land, i have my say.

i am sick and tired with imported arrogant Papio who think he knows better. knows better about Sabah, knows better about Sabahan, knows better about our history, knows better about our problem, but knows nothing about solution. this imported arrogant Papio is simply mr. know it better. at least he thinks he is. it's like;

Mr. Papio: hello i am Papio. i was working with private sector before, have extensive experience of bullshit. some people think i am the best. i think i am the best. let me show you how to run your Sabah. i know it better, trust me.

you may brag about your famous expensive exclusive luncheon or dinner or hi tea with vvips. i dont care. you feel happy about it. i dont care. if that makes you feel like a man. i dont care. after all that is how arrogant Papio will react when get invited to such function or ceremony. Endless Bragging.

This very Papio gave some accusation against the vvip he had lunch with. but still jumping around like a Papio when get invited to sit with those vvips. its ok, Papio may knows it better, but certainly knows nothing about dignity. more or less, jilat ludah sendiri. may be this Papio thinks he knows a better way to run Sabah? i dont know. Papio also has more or less substantial number of groupies in Sabah. to Papio's sabahan groupies find a place for him to be a Sabahan leader. can you?. because he thinks he knows better. we are lucky if this Papio who knows better be our leader.

then there is flip after flop. after have his belly full, his eyes entertained, his testosterone teased, right on next seat of those vvips he insulted. then he thrown his sarcasm insult again. trying to create picture that Sabahan is a lazy bum, who waste a lot for nothing. oh... i forgot, you knows better. yeah right...

as usual his groupies agree with him. BIG APPLAUSE for Papio. clap clap clap.

Sabahan have their own way. if you are not interested to understand our way. Leave then.

i prefer this shameless Papio to leave my land. you may be the best. but not here. finish your drink and simply resign. before someone smack your balls with a rear of bakakok.

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