Monday, May 4, 2009

forwarded email and alcohol

do you forward emails? i do. but if friends keep on forwarding like 20 emails at one time.. its kinda annoying. 5 emails are ok. but more than 10? or up to 20? or even more than 20? oh come on... i prefer you type simple mail like, "hello, how are you?", or "have a nice day". less words, less bits, less bytes, but more meaning.

if you dont have any good information to share or dont even care to type you own mail, stop forwarding such junk mails. oh you are so innocent you dont know how to discriminate your emails. ok let me help you, email contained photos of modified car is a junk, email contained power word or inspritional word is also a junk, email of information about recent outbreak is probably a junk... and please oh please stop sending me weird photo of headless corpse or bloody stuff or anything alike. some people like these scary photos, may be you like them too. but i dont. enjoy such photos on you own. no need to share them with me.


err... its May already. in Northern hemisphere May means spring, while in Southern May means autumn(?). but in Sabah (& Sarawak) May means its feast time, time to celebrate harvest festival. being a Sabahan, i get used to this festival. ermm.. not really celebrate it. well its a holiday, so i always like holiday regardless the reason. hahaha.

may be some people is kinda newbie in celebrating this festival. its ok. just enjoy it. but some people is waayyyy too exciting (because of alcohol may be?), they start treat this annual celebration like their own bar mitzvah. it is an annual celebration. everyone is welcome (i guess). Sabahan is friendly people and we always like to enjoy happy time too. so be cool, ok. and oh yeah.. just wanna say, easy on that alcohol.

since many years ago, during this time of the year, usually we heard more alcohol-related accidents and incidents. from car crash to fight of drunk. you know, i know, too much is too bad. one thing about alcohol is, they are like mafia, once you are in, you are in for a life.

ok, i am exaggerating. but someone told me an urban legend, when a group of buddies gather in one feast or wedding... they had wayyy too much rice wine or beer or both. then one of them is making joke or prank to another drinking buddy. unfortunately, this picked drunk buddy felt offended, and he was raging with full blast of anger. when anger mixed with heavy alcohol, insulted testosterone, and smeared pride, the result was deadly. this angry drunk buddy, took a bakakok, then shot his drinking buddy who make fun of him to dead. well... this story may be a myth, or like i said an urban legend (how come all of sudden the bakakok is laid next to a group of drunk man?, unless they are hunters or guarded their farm). the bottom line is, alcohol could be a gesture of friendship or celebration or happy time. but do not rule out the evil in the alcohol.

once or twice people did offer me alcohol. i didnt really know why. i still dont. of course i refused such offer. as far as i am concern, they know i dont drink alcohol and most importantly they know i cant drink alcohol. may be it was just a friendly gesture. like "hey we are friends, lets have some fun" kinda of thing. till date, i still feel offended with such offer. for me alcohol is root of all evil. have you heard a folklore/racist joke about an alcoholic who had drink after work, finished all his daily wedge buying beer or stout or todi or samsu. then when he reached home after midnight, he gave dozen of slaps and kicks to his wife and kids, then he went to bed. see... alcohol is bad.

oh yeah... i dont know why people usually called Chivas scotch, Chivas not scotch or scotch whisky. well it is a scotch whisky. i prefer to call it scotch not Chivas. (may be when they said they drank Chivas, that's sound pretty luxurious... may be..). whatever...

p/s: i dont mean to offend, just my opinion.

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