Saturday, May 9, 2009

come join the crusade

hey i heard the beautiful (and married) Maya Karin had gathered some people in a stadium to spread more awareness about effect of plastic bag to our environment. this nice blog here has more detail. what he is doing impressed me too, which is reducing his carbon print. something everyone must, at least try. or try to do religiously.

hmm... i think yesterday, reported in sabah times about plastic bag problem in Sabah. basically it is too much. yes, it's cheap, it's convenient, it's easy, it's also polluting our environment. nope i am not talking about only gajah and orang utan will be affected. i am talking about our precious water, our rivers. we need water. every single life on earth do. so take care our water resources, please.

anyway, i dont want to rant any further. my aim is simple, ke arah bumi yang lebih baik, toward a better earth. do your little part, and i do mine. bring your own bag to carry your groceries or tote your own drinking water in reuseable bottle is a good start.

p/s: ok kah saya taip dalam Inggeris?.

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