Saturday, April 18, 2009

think tank

claim yourself as a thinker is a big responsibility . Mahatma Gandhi was a thinker, Tun Mahathir is a thinker, Anwar is a talker. see the different?.

you claim yourself a thinker, but you cant think, you dont want to think, you dont bother to think, so what kind of thinker are you? thinker who dont think?

if you are unable to read between the line, or worse dont even want to understand the text itself. then dont claim yourself as a thinker. dont indulge yourself with 'thinker status'. dont even associate 'thinker' word with your name, as it will give mislead perception.

thinker thinks, thinker does more than just thinking... but if you want to be a thinker, start with thinking.

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