Wednesday, April 1, 2009

screamyx celebrates April Fool one day advance

i post this entry from public computer in UMS library. suck. screamyx do what it do best, disappointing paying clients. me and my housemates and neighbours have been disconnected from world wide web since yesterday. last night i did something really rare. i played the lagendary counter strike game. i cant really remember when the last time i played the game. may be 4-5 years ago. i finished the game by 4 am. unlock every stage in one night. screamyx really make me want to scream, i guess i channeled my disappointment by firing bullets with my mouse.

oh ya.. without the internet connection i cant catch up with what and about in 3 by elections. and the rest of news. may be i start do some heavy academic reading after this. yes, screamyx has its own way to make books more interesting; by disconnecting the line.

p/s: kinda uncomfortable to post entry if you are sandwiched by total strangers.

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