Tuesday, April 14, 2009

saving species.

since my early involvement in biology field, i have been always reminded by academic people around me about species extinction, species in perils, species in distress. we always talk about this extinction issue. how we, human are the major culprit to other species. how we, human are the greedy creature who scavenging every little detail of our environment. how we, human make this planet a worse place to live on.

today, me and my peers talk about it again. our conversation is concentrated on sumatran rhino. sumatran rhino is an endangered species. yes we know. sumatran rhino's habitat is destroyed by plantation. yes we know. sumatran rhino population is decreasing dramatically due to habitat destruction, bottleneck effect, hunting activities etc... yes we know.

we, human (at least conservation scientists) have been trying to save this poor giant mammal. enforcement of law, establishment of conservation area, conduct nature tourism, environmental education to public, and quite mounting of research papers have been done on sumatran rhinos to promote the conservation effort.

last week i said in my class. sumatran rhino is vanishing, is the reality. no matter how hard we struggle. no matter how many study carry on to save them. let face the reality. our sumatran rhinos will eventually extinct. our research, studies and efforts will only help to prolong their existent. but we cannot stop sumatran rhinos from extinct. sugarcoated fact wont help either.

i know i sound very contra conservationist. just let them go. may be it is their time to go extinct. we can list down countless of reasons why they extinct, or put more effort to save them. they will extinct anyway. we human, made mistake, we are destroying other species, and whatever price come after that, pay for it we must. if sumatran rhinos extinction will give serious impact on us. thats our fault at the first place.

i do sound like people who giving up. i love to see we can save sumatran rhinos, but what happening now is prone to the other side. the scary side.

more research, means more people will pack their bags and search for sumatran rhinos in their tiny little survived habitat. this will create more contact between sumatran rhino and human, thus will drag their vulnerability even down further. if you start rolling your eyes, yes, i am suggesting any study on rhino, (which involve more contact between human and rhino or the habitat, including nature tourism) must be done with extra care or gradually stopped. because such activities will invade sumatran rhino's space of living. even though the initial intention is to prepare data for conservation management.

i prefer, we start leaving the sumatran rhino on their own. nature will find its way. nature has the way. all we have to do is stop blocking pavement of nature. if their time (to gone extinct) has yet to come, then the sumatran rhino will survive even in the harshest environment we can ever imagine. if not, then just let them go. peacefully. in their own little home, free from scientist who love them, free from researcher who love to publish paper more than they care for the rhino.

leave them alone, let them fight their own war, and if they lost, it is their time. letting them go wont nurse the impact, but will help us to live in reality.

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