Thursday, April 23, 2009

nice website, photo&camera, and reading habit

i found this very interesting site. professional photographers. the blog is nice too. especially the posting on sok sek sok sek. and i hooked with the music theme too... while typing this, i am listening to hanya dikau, good music for wedding i guess.

plus i always like wedding photos. more than i like wedding itself. period.

i always enjoy beautiful photo. i used to own a 5.1 mp coolpix nikon, cost me about myr 1300 (what a fortune!!!, thanks pa.). but the camera is kaputt already and found refuge in my almari, back in kampung. i have no plan to buy new camera for this time being. at some point i did aim to own dslr camera. i guess it is ok to wait. good thing comes to those who wait.. really??? terlepas nanti, sesal tak sudah. for now i use my cameraphone, 3.2 mp, to take photo. hey... your macbook pro wont write a good text, it is depended on you to write the good text, right? but without good functional computer pun susah juga kan... (but we can always use pen and paper).

back to photo and camera story,

camera never like me. seldom i have a beautiful photo of me. i am clumsy photog myself. so expensive ribu raban punya dslr is on high risk whenever i hold it. seldom took good photo too. my bro own a dslr, i never really pinjam and use it. you know because of my buttery hand.

oh ya in the photog's blog, (his name is saiful), he wrote about reading habit. emm.. lets read. lets start now. saiful is right when he mentioned about our tabiat, willing to spend ribu raban on cars, clothes, etc, etc... but very stingy to buy book.

i am in science field, but i like to read about history. (usually from wiki lah..) but sometime i go to nearby library to read book about american culture, castro, and of course, charles darwin and neo-darwinism too (apa nak buat.. dah memang 'kerja' aku part tu).

lets read! mari membaca!

p/s: lagu hanya dikau ni catchy lah...

p/s 2: earth day is every day

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