Thursday, April 2, 2009

invited, accepted.

i am sooooo into sandwich lately. since last sunday, i constantly have sandwich for dinner. from over price mr kenny's to very cheap DIY tuna mayo sandwich. it is quick to prepare food and can be healthy (in my case not really, because i loaded excesive amount of mayo in my sandwich).

someone asked me to join a dinner party. i always love dinner party (or i always love dinner) i dont really know what the exact occassion, but i already accepted the invitation. may be to celebrate someone's birthday or something alike. whatever celebration is, the main subject here, i said yes. i will find out tommorow for more detail about that party.

ok now we can proceed to problem. numero uno; i dont really know how to get to the place where the dinner will be held. i am so determine to drive on my own to the restaurant, but i dont really know the route. i did google it. and found the location. i also asked my sister for direction. so i guess i rely on the direction given by google, direction given by my sister, my sooo not competent driving skill and i pray.. haha.. last time when i was driving alone by relying only on google direction, guess what? i had to call my brother for help. luckily i wasnt that lost, just slightly diverted because the junction has no proper road sign. (psstt... the sign is written in chinese character, in google it is in roman alphabet... i am not in hong kong, am i??).

problem #2; what to wear. my closet is pretty lame. because i dont want to have too much clothes (haha.. because i have lame taste for clothing, female clothing). my option is pretty limited. well... i'll figure it out. i wont overdress.

problem #3. should i bring a gift? what kind of gift?. well... ditto as above.

p/s: malaysia will have her 6th prime minister tommorow at 10 am, Insya Allah. (while me and my peers also have a class scheduled at the same time). on 5th PM's swearing in ceremony, i was 18 and i watched the live telecast with my college friends back in Labuan. cepatnya masa berlalu...

p/s 2: and... anwar still hold his grip tight on title as prime minister in waiting, at least for now.

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