Thursday, April 23, 2009

english lah konon....

earlier today, my hausmet told me, "landlord's staff" visited us. actually, we are already noticed about the irregular visit 1 day advance. i was still snoring at the time. no thanks to my nocturnal activity. the staff asked about why there is no sticker on my car (in very unpleasant way).

well, i do it purposely, not applying for sticker. as i dont really see the extra benefit from it. the sticker is free (last time i check lah), but i dont really bother to knock the office, and fill in some forms, and stick the sticker on the windscreen. for what? for the sake of procedure?. actually, i am doing just fine without the sticker. so far.

i think the staff were here, just to check whats wrong with the house, the pipe, or door knob, or light bulb or others common household stuff. i guess. for maintenance, may be, i dont really know. so far our house, is quite ok. it is not that luxurious, but ok lah. water is running from the tap, toilet is ok, light is on...

my room is more or less a 'ship wreck'. pile of papers and books on my right side, my left side is pretty vacant, but that just because, i cleared it up so i can eat my lunch properly. i throw some stuff under my desk, on the floor, even some on my bed.

my bed... oh my bed... my clothes also on my bed. i will fold and put those crispy-dried clothes in closet layyyyterrr. same thing will happen to few clothes in a bag under my desk(been there almost a week. huh.). hopefully this "layyyyterrr" is soon.

i have been in "maid" mood recently. i cleaned my fans. yes, both of my fans. the dust is like a volcano just erupted inside my room. very thick. i havent clean my floor. dust form fans still circling my floor freely. havent menyapu since last week ( emm.. spending too much time in front of laptop??? oh yeah!).

lots of cleaning to do; take the garbage out, re-arrange my papers and books (some trees from rainforest, found they final rest on my desk), figure out better way to store my plastic and aluminium cans collection (recycle!), cleaning my desks.... etc.. etc..

Earth Day is everyday.

p/s: i dont have to drink beer to save water. i just turn the tap off whenever i dont use it.

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