Thursday, March 26, 2009

suddenly i remember

do you know about this keanu reeves' movie? the title is a walk in the cloud. quite outdated and forgettable movie. initially me myself forgot what the title is.

the picture above is one particular scene i remember the most. in one night, the temperature is suddenly dropped, and they need to keep the vineyard warm to prevent grapes being spoiled by frost. yes i remember the scene very well.

i think i watched this movie sometime in late 1990's maybe around 1998 or 1999. about 10 years ago huh... i dont really remember the whole story. but i think keanu's character is a man who is sebatang kara (live on his own) and lived in orphanage when he was a boy. and the main female character is a confused rich woman who are knocked up and the so called boyfriend left her.

he needs family and she needs father for her baby.. i guess. i dont know whether this is a good movie or not. since i like period movie, so i kinda like it. if i am not mistaken the movie is setting back into post world war period.

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