Monday, March 30, 2009

pasal weekend lah apa lagi..

whooaaa... what a long weekend. as usual i want to share quick review of my weekend's stuff.

mr kenny roger's sandwich

1. My parents and my sis spent their weekend attended my sis graduation in Johore. congratulation, for her PGDip. me and the rest of orang kampung were stranded in Putatan, so i didnt sleep on my own smelly warm bed this weekend. just happily surfing channel and eat a lot of food. and also catching up with push-down-to-throat by elections news. juga pergi berjalan-jalan, and acted like arab emir. (soka hati saja berbelanja boros. haha).

actually i wanted to buy few new shirtS, and the blue colour polo shirt really caught my eyes. but i keep on thinking and re-thinking about i have enough clothes for now. then i abruptly canceled my not so good plan for much better cause. like kanye said, we buy a lot of cloth but we dont reallly need'em. (speak for yourself kanye).

kenny roger's sandwich: ok lah... but i expected them to use real chunky chicken flesh, not cold salty chicken ham. dont really like chicken ham... too salty.

2. earth hour. yes i did switch lights off, about an hour. but tv pasang, bcoz of af lah... after reading obefiend's entry about earth hour, i wonder why the organizer choose saturday to do the campaign. somehow i do think its realated to sabbath. whatever it is, i am supporting effort to save energy.

3. AF, obri and rini are out. macam tak best sebab aishah preform tak berapa best. and aril did better than last week. Isma also did much much better, and hafiz pun ok juga. ok semua boleh berhenti merembes, we have a winner.. hafiz.

4. i watched a very hisap gam movie on cinemax... i think it is a hollywood version of zombie kampung pisang. entah lah apa title, but seriously, very insulting intelligence kind of movie. a girl's leg had been eaten by zombies and she had a machine gun to replace her missing limb. and she could fire the machine gun without pulling the trigger. antara pelakon2 ialah kurt russel and bruce willis.

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