Thursday, March 5, 2009

ok kah aku tulis english?

contra to my appearance, actually i am not really like outdoor activity. outdoor to me is dinner outing or strolling in nearby supermarket with my love ones.

i will off to the field this weekend. well as usual my packing panic attacks me just in time. yes i have been packing my belongings since last monday. keep on checking my list and adding 1 or 2 things everytime. biasalah perempuan... like i am going to pack half of my closet... hahaha

i called my mom earlier, and re-informed her about my trip. emm.. as usual she reminds me everything that she always remind me when i off to the wild. love you beyond words.

actually this is my second time to explore and re-explore my site. this morning i checked my map... emm... not really accurate. but i know i havent cover very large and could be significant area. the ridge connected the mount and the water fall. i have been told you need to spend a night or 2 in the middle of forest before reach the peak if you wish to hike via the ridge. and the river or stream is not likely near you. so water should be a problem up there.

the elevation is below 2000 m a.s.l. but this is seldom explored mount we are talking about and the trail is not established one. so if you are being cocky about your countless times conquering peak of Kinabalu, then i suggest you to explore few less known mounts in Sabah, which has no trail and hiking guide is not really available. then we know.

during my first time in the site, emm... at some point i did ask question to myself... what the hell i am doing here? and keep on reminding myself, i will never let my love one to climb the relatively unknown mount. i was like... really drama queen. it is a fine place actually, but since i am lazy bum who consider bloghopping is a recreational activity, so below 2000 m a.s.l is big challange for me.

you know what, Kalimantan is a place with bountiful floras and faunas. it is like the gold mine for the true naturalist. yes i said the true. Kalimantan is relatively under explore side of Borneo. but i think it is not easy to penetrate the thick jungle, let alone to spend few days or weeks to collect data. i said to myslef, 'setakat nak buat PhD nak pergi Kalimantan, sanggup aku ambil sijil kursus ternak lintah'. the sentence keep on echoing in my mind.

my brother will tangle in post spm education system soon. i am so relief he is not in science stream. me, i am doing pure science. and it takes very long time to be a professional. it has been about 6 years or so since i left school to read science, biology to be percise, and still i am not even close to be professional. emmm.. not very far, but not close either.

so to college applicant, if you really want to read pure science, trust me this field is not as rosy as you science teacher said it is. well i am not mean to be offensive, as teachers, it is their nature or job to encourage student, but what i want to pen down here is the reality. so when you choose to study science (let say, starting form 4), aim for medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, or engineering. to make it short choose applied science, which you first degree is enough for you to be professional.

dont be sooo happy when you are offered matriculation course. i mean it is not the right time be extremely happy, because it is still long way to go.

and to 3 former, dont worry about not getting seat in science class next week. art is still a good option. science will give you broad opportunities, when you are in it, it is how you grab your chance. and dont rule out luck factor too soon. sometime some people is very lucky and some is very not.

as for me... i like natural science. i like what i read. i face some difficulties along the way. sometime it gives me enough reason to start trying something else. but like the love song lyric said, when i fall in love it would be forever.

no matter where science will take me. no matter whether i remain loyal to it or not. it always part of my life. (ok i may sound really geek).

it is about keep the passion alive. keep the fire fiery. keep the objective straight. quitting is always an option. for now i rather not choose it.

p/s: grammatical error? language butchering? leave some comment lah....

p/s 2: if only write up academic paper as easy as writing entry.... macam laju semacam jak menaip.

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