Monday, March 2, 2009

Berhati-hati di jalan raya 2.

on our way back from kampung, we saw 2 accidents. both happened around Lok Kawi. first was in front of Sabindo's Petronas kiosk, 2nd was in front of Lok Kawi Army Camp.

initially, i wanted to take a photo of the accident. but when i saw the policeman brought the black plastic bag. then i know, it was a fatal crash. i thought the decease was a male, a pedestrian. as we passed by the point where the body laid, i couldnt 'sampai hati' to take pic. i saw a baseball cap laid not very far from the body, pre assume it was belong to him. no pool of blood. and i was kinda relief the body was still in 1 piece. the decease might be just a young boy or teen.

i am not journalist, and i am not bound to any professionalism. yes, the photo may be a good blogging material. as i said i just couldnt, take the photo as i feel really sorry for the decease and as my respect for him.

i was scared.. and as we arrived safely at putatan, i still think about both unfortunate events. i think about how the family of the decease would react when they are informed. bother me, more or less. my sister said, it was his (the decease's) fate to leave this world today. if not because of the crash, must be because of other. my sis' words was comforting.

2nd accident, involved a Kancil. we assumed, the driver was lost control of his/her Kancil, the car was big time wreck. It crossed the road divider, and stranded on the opposite lane. there was no sign of horror spill of blood. the victim was not there. and i hope the victim is fine.

see how things could change in split second? and death... err... honestly i am scared. is it wise to think about it? i think it is. so we can appreciate more what we have and people we love and care. love people who loved us even more. whine less. love more.

my condolences for the decease's family and my sorry for the victim (kancil's driver).

p/s: i am not really like to see pints of humans' blood.

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