Friday, March 20, 2009

ada orang tanya, saya bagi jawapan

a person asked me about comparison between my 2 alma maters, ukm and ums. i hate such question, because i am grateful i have enroll in 2 varsities. to cut thing short i usually give the cliche standard answer, both have pros and cons.

but from what i see... umsian is a waayyyyy better party people than ukmian. yes, ukm is closer to the KL, but in term of having fun or partying, umsian is much better, at least relatively. i think this happy-party-people trait is heavily related to the fact that ums is in KK. people in kk is happy kind of people.

for example, in ukm, venue for annual dinner/senior night will always be the sacred DECTAR. all residential college will use the same ol' hall. but here in ums, annual dinner usually take place in hotel ballroom around KK. and there is not so much trouble to ask favour (e.g. bus, sponsor) from admin to organize a dinner. (compare to ukm lah...)

in Bangi lepak in mamak is a routine. especially during study week (no class and you have plenty of time for yourself). but here in kk, there is not so many mamak, and not so many people lepak at mamak. so it is simply a lame place to lepak. and Bangi has so many pasar malam... here in KK not so. yes i like teh tarik at mamak and nasi kerabu from pasar malam.

i love kk more than i love bangi. hands down. i always like ukm, but i never really fit into the town. (no offense to Bangi people...because tauhu bakar in Bangi is the best. hahaha)

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