Monday, February 2, 2009

woman suffrage

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have you ever feel marginalized? i do. i did. as Sabahan if you go to peninsular, then you'll be easily marginalized by them.

when you are young woman without steady job or income, then your opinion is doesnt really count no matter how brilliant it is. in the male dominate world, some men feel less masculine to accept a woman's opinion. they rather be stupid then accept women's piece of advice.

last week i saw on evening news, a woman, who application for temporary teacher post has been denied, even though she passed the interview. she even initially informed that she scored the job. but because she was too honest, and clarify she is 3 months pregnant, then they re-inform her, she didnt get the job. this is the perfect example, 'honesty is the best policy, but the best is not for everyone'.

pregnant woman can be a teacher. i heard trainee in Maktab Perguruan cannot get pregnant(in this case married trainee) during their training. is this true??? if true than this is discrimination against woman. i know they will present plenty of reason why pregnancy during teaching training is forbidden. but can you forbid anyone in this world to not have baby? can you??. yeah i know China has such policy, 1 family 1 child policy and i am not talking about China.

yeah i know, they dont want to be responsible if pregnant trainee encounter any problem due to their outdoor activities in Maktab. but why dont them make some adjustment??. this is Teaching Training, not something militarian or commando or sport training for olympian. i mean come on... forbid a married person to have a child just because she enroll in Maktab Perguruan is absurd. if not hitler.

women need to take care themselve. how many cases you heard on tv about a wife had to go to to court just to get alimony from her husband. but the husband simply cannot be found. woman must work. i think nowadays, there are a lot of husband, who more or less rely on their wives' wages to pay bills. simply because husband's paycheque is not heavy enough to support the family. may be enough for makan lah.. but today, makan alone is not enough. need to pay for petrol, need to pay for astro bill, car insurance so on and so forth.

then if you are woman, graduated or not. you need to find a steady job. woman who just rely on her husband salary is soo yesterday. i think most husband wants a working wife, right??? after all.. berapa banyak lah gaji lelaki sekarang ni... dapat gaji dia nak beli psp. dapat gaji dia nak beli nissan grand livina. dapat gaji nak beli handphone n series dapat gaji nak beli laptop mac. so how much left for wife to spend. then they say... isteri kena pandai berjimat dan menjaga harta suami. yes true!. but what if the husband pun tak pandai nak menjaga harta sendiri??? again i say.. cukup untuk makan tapi makan saja tidak cukup.

love your husband/man, love you children, love your family, most importantly love yourself.

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