Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A rose by other name would smell as sweet

i ate the whole french loaf for dinner. the bread is too dry and chewy, because it is not as freshly bake as the label claimed. i am full, Alhamdullilah.

currently, i am so into this biogeography stuff. i always said, if i dont read biology then i think i'll read geology. palaeontology to be precise. as geek as its sound, i always fond evolution topic. combination of biology, geography and evolution are perfect enough to me.

after read some heavy texts, then i know, biogeography is not so rosy after all. but still i like it. it is kind of puzzles that need to be arranged in order to see the real picture. but i think there is no same picture for everyone. you and others may arrange the same puzzles, but you will see picture that you prefer to see.

i have another paper, involving statistic and may be some environmental laws or international treaties. i am not good with number and i dont really like language of law, so this other paper is the less prefer one.

anyway, i am hopeful to finish my study soon, as i need to start earning some real cash.

i will off to field next weekend. so there is some stuff need to be done.

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