Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nation first, Bullshit later

drama after drama, they just cannot stop can they??. then what??? another police report? hoi! sudah lah tu.

i remember, when Al Gore and George W Bush were running for President seat, their country was cut into half, to the red and blue. but after re-count, then Gore put his America first before his ambition to live in the White House. see that Anwar???

we need stability, not another drama in Dewan Rakyat, a place for politician to vent their ego, abhor against each other. the place called Dewan Rakyat not for nothing, but for Rakyat.

stop all these bullshit. stop. work together. make the best decision for Malaysia. please Yang Berhormats, you are not stupid. dont be.

Nation First. Bullshit later.

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