Monday, February 23, 2009

together we protect the children

heart break, geram, sad, angry,.....

i have mix negative feeling when i read this news. what monster could do such cruel conduct against baby. yes a baby. the criminal is monster, evil from the deepest hell hidden behind human form. send the monster to the filthy ghouls. give him the maximum punishment.

i hope police can catch the monster soon. i am praying for the victim and the family, i pray for their safety and well being. hopefully they have strength to endure this.

protect the children. doesnt matter they are not yours, doesnt matter they are not related, doesnt matter what colour of their skin. we must protect the children. they are innocent and fragile.

to parents, be extra extra careful in trusting others to babysit your children. i mean super duper extra careful. install a CCTV or surveillance devices if necessary, so you can monitor your children as much as possible.

this case give me more points why i am not agree to send kid to baby sitter's house. hire a baby sitter who come to your house, or simply send your kids to nursery.


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