Monday, February 2, 2009

i want to watch

another brad pitt movie. paired with blanchett again. so curious about this movie... hahahaha...
Milk is about gay activist turn politician. i wonder if anyone in Hollywood would like to make a movie about politician turn gay activist.

i think malaysia has a lot to offer in term of case study... well i read a blog written by politician who thinks sodomy law is no more relevant. because the law has been introduced during colonial era. morale value that forced to the society since Victorian. he said.

and last week i read about penal code 377, 377a 377b. nothing serious, i dont read the actual paper about the code, but i just read whatever i could find online regarding that law. and i easily confused by singapore's penal code 377. but thats another story.

emm... i want to watch Benjamin Button because of the story, i want to watch Milk because of the actor, Sean Penn. (ini sudah terbalik). another movie would be.. the Nixon movie. not my favourite president. oppps actually i dont have any.

Malaysian Movie... Maut sounds good. havent watch it.

p/s: some people may think there is such thing call 'Gay Right". I dont think so. i am not gay hater. i just against sodomy.

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