Friday, January 9, 2009



1. Stop commenting on hudud issue if you are not Muslim.
2. Hudud is Islamic affair. those who not related shall not interfere.
3. Hudud is wajib.
4. Politicization of Hudud issue is unnecessary.
5. In Islam the non Muslim's rights is well guaranteed and protected.
6. Just because you are MP and own a Law firm, this doesn't mean you can ridicule Islamic Law.

Palestine, Gaza.

1. Please keep on praying for People of Gaza.
2. Israeli oppression against People of Gaza, and Palestinian must be stop.
3. Israeli Army is the real terrorist. They kill helpless children and women.
4. Israel aggression is totally unacceptable. Their barbaric military operation is not merely to attack Hamas, but to wipe out all Palestinian from Palestine soil.
5. What happen in Gaza now is a genocide. It is not really much different from Hitler.

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