Monday, January 5, 2009



i received my pay cheque today, finally. i have been waiting since last raya for this. this is the payment for my 3 months job as .....................

actually it is not much. but this is is my official first salary.

sadly, i dont really know how to cash it. being me, i am not too sombong to ask help i needed. i called my bro. and he kindly told me what to do.

so tomorrow will be another day, me rushing and ping pong-ing here and there. but first of all, i need to bank in this cheque, and need to inform the other party, whose payment also included in my cheque.

emm... my internet connection has succecsfully giving me another frustration, it is like thorn in flesh when i try to upload photo in my blog. emmm.... nasib baik hari ni dapat duit... hehehheh

see.... money do supress my anger, and so as food especially carbo.

speak about food. emm i need to cut down my food uptake, since there is clear jolly warning whenever i put on my trousers (emm... usually, i used word 'pants'). i need to work out, or at least jogging. yeah... the jog lane is not really far from my house, we'll see.

i made my self a lemon drink this evening. me can simply, order a iced lemon drink at nearby kedai makan. but i choose to made my self a lemon drink. and as expected it is not taste as good as kedai punya.... ok i put more lemon and less sugar... and more water. so the taste, is not sweer, but lemony.

p/s: keep on praying for People of Gaza.

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Nama saya M said...

erm, boikot mcd? (sebab kat uni aku mcd adalah sejenis ketagihan yg susah dihapuskan spt mana susahnya nak hapuskan kewujudan bantal atas katil)