Saturday, January 31, 2009

holiday with family

as usual holiday with family. as usual went to malls. KK is flooded with shopping mall. i dont why. either people in KK love to shop till drop or KK is so spacious, then has no problem to add another 10 shopping malls??

emm... with her, i can go everywhere. it is about her, not about the place we went.

while waiting for her dad to fetch us at 1 b. look at her brand new watch. she is 1 and 7 months, and she has her first watch. actually a freebie come with her mom real watch purchase.

in the car. yep, no baby seat (not yet), she sat on my lap. and of khoz we took some piccies together. ehem.. i think by her 2nd birthday she will know how to use camera phone to capture photo... hahaha. but this one it was me who punch the button.

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