Thursday, January 22, 2009

funny, crazy and gay???

C. Ronaldo with his man's purse/handbag

when i checked my fb just now, i saw few posted note and photos that highlighting their support for english football club, Man U and Liverpool. it is understandable if these people love football. i was too. but to mock the players as gay and faggot is really unnecessary.

both club are rival. every club in the league is rivaling with each other.thats the nature of competition. rivalry. Malaysian are supporting their favourite english club like crazy. i mean really crazy. the comments on those photoshopped are funny and crazy. why Malaysian bother to support english club like english. may be they are slightly below english in supporting english club.

cant these Malaysian calm down. when a Malaysian Liverpool's fan starts mocking C. Ronaldo then another Malaysian Man U's fan will mocking whatever about Liverpool club. then it will continue... another liverpool will mock another man u.

me too not liking C. Ronaldo. for reason i dont know. thats it. me too not Liverpool supporter and i am former Man U supporter. thats it. just go watch the game and buy the shirt. no need to pour your abhor against each others' favourite clubs.

after all always remember you are Malaysian. even though the Malaysian football is full with shame lately, (and full with little talent but a lot of hair gel). but remember, those Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal and most hated for 2 seasons but not anymore Chelsea are ENGLISH clubs. let english do whatever they always do in order to support and showing their support for their respected club. we Malaysian, like i said, just watch the game lah.... orang english tak heran pun korang support club dorang sampai kutuk kawan sendiri gay.

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