Thursday, January 8, 2009

finally, i bought it. the colour is red!!!.

sebelum tulis lebih lanjut, ingin sekali nak mohon kepada saudara2 muslimin supaya terus memohon doa kepada Allah SWT, agar kita semua mendapat perlindungan dari Nya. sekarang ini musuh islam yang nyata, yahudi sedang membunuh rakyat Palestin di Gaza. teruskan berdoa dan memohon kepada Allah SWT untuk keselamatan penduduk Gaza dan umat Islam seluruhnya. ALLAHUAKHBAR.... ALLAH IS GREAT.

to all my fellow muslim, please keep on praying to Allah SWT, for His Protection. Keep on praying for the safety of People of Gaza and all Muslims. Keep on Praying... Keep on Praying ALLAHUAKHBAR.


as planned, i went to KK for official matters, and of course after the official thingy is done, i went to cp all by myself. as planned. i also went to warisan sq. this is the first time i went to downtown alone. drive alone. Alhamdullilah. actually back then i used to went to KL alone, but that was easy because the train service allowed me to be lone ranger. here in KK, either i hop on bus or asked someone to drive me or i drive myself or not going. today i choose the rarest method, driving.

thanks to the Gov. Dept. i had bussines with. the officer has been very helpful, and co-operative. all my stuff done in less half an hour. see... public service is good when the service by the officer is good. thank you mr. officer. hopefully you will have a great week. he even told me to contact him just in case i need something from his department.

actually prior to my bussines, a friend told me, he had to wait for 2 months or so before he recieved data (same data like mine) he wanted from the same department. thats why i was a bit worry. yeah 2 months delay is not acceptable, since the data is just a simple raw data. but in my case there is big different, i recieved a bundle thick of papers with data less than 30 minutes. Alhamdullilah, Thanks ALLAH. with His willing, this is happened.

common procedure. an official letter to the dept. i wrote this last week. actually no need to enveloped the letter. but i want to make it look as pro and official as possible... =). i made 2 versions, just in case, this is not relevant with what data they have. but this one was well accepted. i even bring soft copy. again... just in case i suddenly 'cannot find my printed letter in my bag'. it is good to have some back up.
since i am not a good driver, and i cant afford to be sombong (arrogant), i need a map. i printed a map from google map. so i have clear direction to where i wanted to go. (actually the direction is more for where i can find space to park my car. parking space is very very limited in KK city centre). oh... i wish i am more spontaneous. i am not. i cant be redah jak.... thats why i studied KK city map the night before my debut driving alone to KK city centre.

in the office while waiting for the officer to do his job. i snapped a small xmas tree on the counter. still in xmas mood. i even heard some staff (may be drivers) sang 'jingle bell jingle bell' near the building's lobby entrance. hahaha.... they were just chillin' i guess...
my recent purchase. all these cost me MYR 18.85. i have been craving for the table pencil sharperner for ages. finally i bought it. emm i got some discount... the real price was MYR 17.95 but since some Sabahan retailer still want to play santa, i got it for ~MYR 14. on my last bday, i was hoping someone will send me this as gift. but the turn down was, nobody really remember my bday. nevermind (really?????). in the end the pencil sharperner of my dream is on my desk. the clips and marker pens. just somethings i want to add to my stationery collection. hahaha.... dont really need those.
i wasted no time to do some sharpening. yeah.... wait... i sharpened more than 4. (soon all my pencils will be like pencil in karaoke lounge). emm... why i choose red? didnt really thinking when. i just snatched the top most of the pile. or i was redmummied for a while????? actually i was considering the light blue one, as the sharperner in my former lab in Bangi has the same colour. but i choose red in the end. i couldnt find black, so red will do.... any colour will do.... red is matching with my small pencil sharperner. hahahahaha

may be my sharpener is something stock clearence sale. because the design is sooo nostalgic and conservative, beside usually, the price is about MYR 20+. of course the design is much more colourful or whatever. so when i found the classic standard size with that price and some discount. ohh... how i could resist?? this dull pencil shraperner has been listed in my 'want-to-buy' list along side, dslr camera, nokia e71 phone, and a car.

it is no longer dull table pencil sharperner. it is my red table pencil sharperner.

ok... i need to sharp my pencil so i can cross one thing in my list.



Nama saya M said...

ur wish list ada car kan? my wish list ada basikal. sebab kereta l rasa nanti l mampu beli. but basikal, l tak pernah ada since kecik la. XD (which means l tatau naik basikal lol!.. hahahaha)

tapi mcm tak relevan je letak basikal dlm wish list. herm..

Jlascanteen said...

aku letak pencil sharperner dlm wish list, walaupun aku dah 20 something. maka, letak basikal dalam wish list sesuatu yang masih relevn