Friday, January 23, 2009

the body and seal

they are my current favourite celebrity couple. yeah some of you may still fall with Brangelina, or TomKat or the Beckhams. yeah some old friends may also think i choose the Beckhams.

1 thing i love about them (seal and heidi) is they are sooo into each other. i know other couple too.. but they are so into each other in their own way. i saw on E! whenever Heidi talks about Seal, her eyes just emm.... glittering??? or full with love and affection? or both..

second favourite would be... Will and Jada. the Smiths. when choosing celebrity couple, i prefer couple with kid(s). and of course i prefer them to be married.

i remember a line from a movie about bengalis live in america. the husband said to his wife while they are visiting Taj Mahal in Agra, 'Other husband loves their wife too just they cannot afford to build Taj Mahal'. really guys??? after all i think the line is very sweet!!!

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