Tuesday, December 30, 2008

you cannot hide

there are bloggers out there who is coward enough to insult other people's religion and clearly has no ball to reveal himself. This man has no dignity and even lower than animal.

i just read a blog that hosted in Korea, this blogger, pedestrian infidel, (might be a malaysian who living abroad) has support openly aggression against palestinian civilian. his support for war against palestinian makes him much much less human then he is now.

pedestrian infidel only attribute is hatred. i dont care what his religion is, but from his blog, he is not a good follower of any religion. what will he gains by insulting muslim and Islam? i dont know. this pedestrian infidel will feel much much lost when he wants to thank, when he wants to be grateful, because when he is he cant. he cant be grateful. then i pity him for that. he has no religion to follow, no rule to obey and all he did is thrashing others. poor him. he is lost and facing great difficulty to find the right path of life.

to pedestrian infidel, and bloggers like him. stop writing anything bad about Muslim and Islam. Islam is for all mankind, regardless you have blog or not. Islam is religion for all.

i pray for goodness and safety to all my fellow Muslim, to people in Gaza. i pray so we can endure any challange against us. May Allah's blessing shine upon us.

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