Thursday, December 18, 2008

when gossip is gold

i am very addicted to gossips, recently. people like me gives chance malaysian perez hilton wannabe make more money. yeah there are several gossip web sites run by different individuals or groups. i wont provide any link here. because i dont want to give free promotion for them. some of those websites are kind to their preys (read: malaysian artists and celebrities). while some are quite mean. they are just exaggerating and twisting trivia stuff... like the picture of peoples bra strap. yeah some people out there make a living through other's bra strap's stories. some of gossips are very embarrassing and are written with full intention to embarass the subject. and of course gossips are merely bait to lure gossip addicts (like me) to hit the websites.
the higher the rating the heavier the pay cheque.

all those stories like someone's caught on camera in wet tee or trouser dropped or stories of people went elope to thailand are gold mine for these gossip websites. writing about celebrities' wedding update is occay. it is something very common. but gossiping about people's tudung and bra strap??? (again.... among all stories and juicy gossips happened in this planet they choose to highlight about bra strap???????). is gossiper starting some kind of mutualism with emm.... bra fanatic?????

celeberities break up update, this is occay too... but no need to put more sudu than kuah... they are pouring petrol into the fire. yeah... the at first strongly denied romance or teman tapi mesra relationship is ended with police report. juicy? of course!. the relationship has no happy ending. thats it. come on..... no need to review or re-interview again and again. just damn move on occay!. for celebrities no need to reveal your dirty laundry to public. just because you want to prove you are right and your ex is wrong. in the end your all kind of behind the scene stories are rolling more cash to gossip websites.

put more malaysian style in gossiping. no need to be that mean. after all it just gossip. it wont break bone, but might just break heart.

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