Tuesday, December 16, 2008

vulgarism at it best

this week is getting worse by day. yesterday i had trouble with cat. today i had trouble with car. the gas tank is leaking. i know the culprit would be the rock i rolled over last night. this is town road, and the rock is not suppose to be there. but since the loaded construction lorries are stupidly use this small town road, i guess they left their shit behind.

ok the kancil i drive is not the tip top one. it have been lowed, which i never prefer. but i have no choice, either i drive this lowed kancil that i never prefer to drive, or i drive nothing. obviusly i choose the former. last night, i went to shop for milk, bread, and top up for my hp. on the way back, the road is almost empty, so i speed off. i didnt see that not-suppose-to be there rock. so i accidently rolled it over. i was shock when i heard big thump sound from under the car. i knew i rolled on something. when i saw on the mirror... i saw that rock. first i thought it was a plastic. but hey... plastic bag wont give that big thump sound... right?... it was a rock. thankfully it wasnt a dog or worst a person. it was a big thump.... for real. i couldnt imagine if it was a living thing.

then drove slower and i knew instantly something is damaged somewhere. when i was about to start the engine this morning, i smell petrol. i looked down under the car. the oil spill all over... so i called my bro. then i decided not to drive. because petrol leak is not child play, i thought the tank is punctured by the rock i rolled over last night . this late afternoon. my uncle, came to check whats gone wrong, my bro was here too. yeah my hunch is right there is hole on the gas tank. they pasted some hand soap, to temporarily cover the leak.

anyway, i admit it was my fault. rolled the rock that eventually damaged the tank. but remember the kancil is lowed. so it is low. i bounced heavily every time i drive through road bump. even cow dung can cause problem if kancil is that low.

i never see lowed kancil or kelisa or any perodua's car is pretty. hey... it just a perodua in the end of day. no matter how much you spend to make up your car, there is no way you perodua metamorphosed to lamborghini or mini cooper.

if you want your car look like mini cooper buy a mini cooper then.

anyway.... my anger have been tamed. finally. my anger was at it worst earlier this morning. something very bad for my heart. i cant elaborate any further as it was very hurt. very feel discriminated. very feel left aside. very feel the anger.

and of course as usual i curse even more.

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