Wednesday, December 17, 2008

laying low

for now i dont think so... i sit and sleep all day long in my room. try to keep having control on my anger. it is so distressful. the house is empty. yeah it just me all day long. most of the time i am in my room with my loyal kompite with slow internet connection. i am to tired to whine. neither have any lust to splash this entry with vulgarism. i decided to lay low for today... i know if i went to lab, and had to walk under the hot sun hiking the hill. then the vulgar is must.

i dont really know where everybody go. lab as usual i guess. quiet house. i always enjoy quietness. last night the smoke alarm buzzed at 3 am. i was so shocked. first i thought i was dreaming. i even turned the light on. since i was too scared to check out whats gone wrong by myself. i knock the next room's door. luckily my house mate knew what to do. the alarm turned off. and when i back to my bed. i was scared. yeah... there was no smoke, but the smoke alarm suddenly buzzed. i knew mistake could happen. luckily nothing wrong, it was just false alarm.

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