Monday, December 15, 2008

caution live animal

first of all i am not animal's lover. still i am not cruel to animal. i treat animal as it deserve. i dont have any particular pet, i barely can take a good care myself, so forget about burdening me with living adorable domestic creature.

earlier today, as i wanted to rush back to kf, a cat was meowing at neighbour's house. i wasnt sure whether it is belong to the neighbour or just wandering wild cat. it is not an adult, let say it is a teen cat.

i knew the cat was hungry. so i rushed back into the already door-locked house, and grab a left over snack. i throw some snack to the cat. but it barely ate it, just sniffed around. so i choose to ignored it. when i started to reversed my car. the cat ran and hide under the car.

took about half hour for me to lure the cat to get out. the cat look ill and need attention. beside my sympathy to the cat, at the same time my anger was boiling as well.. because all the hide and seek drama with the cat was delayed me. really delayed me, i was all sweat and tired... under 10 am bright hot sun. tried to lure the cat, to get out from under the car. i didnt want to cruelly just reverse my car without even care the possibility a poor cat will be steamrolled by me. i dont want to harm it.

the cat didnt really co-operate. it just lying there, under my car, hide from the hot sun. while, me fried by sun, standing and squatting, alternately try to persuade the cat to get out. for instant i had hunch the cat is really ill. from my experience, if animal , especially pet, refuse to eat... there is large chance it is terminally ill. i felt sorry for the cat. even though i came out with tones of curse and vulgar words in my effort to get the cat out. deep down, all i want is, nothing harm happen to the cat.

i had no choice but to hand carry the cat. luckily there was gardening gloves, so i put them on. and grab the cat (gently), and put it at the porch. the cat just laid down. helplessly. i rub it a little. i dont remember when the last time i carry a cat with my hand. i dont like to touch cat. it is dirty, and it may have germs or bacteria on it. i believe, touching cat or live animal could make you sick.

all my plan for today's lab is all shattered. i am so not in mood to go to lab after all the tiring drama. i drive safely, alhamdullilah. and i hope the cat is just fine. i am really sorry, i cant love animal.

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