Wednesday, December 17, 2008

bahasa puitis??? the radio is smell like bakso already

i listen to malay radio. hot fm. actually only this year i started tune to malay radio. before i prefer fly fm or hitz or other. but what disappointed me is, there is too much commercial on hot. i know it is source of income. but... too much too loaded too packed with commercial. beside too much indonesian song. and they keep on playing same ol same ol song. i know local radio have been bashed over and over again about airing too much indonesian song. cliche? yeah it is.

the djs? i leave djs alone this time. hey i think hot fm is starting smell like bakso already. some people said (indonesian artists usually), music is universal. music is same everywhere. i wont deny a bit. but still imo song from dewi-dewi is not suppose to be given chance to be aired. such nonsense song!. anyway it is station prerogative which songs they want to play. still lets reduce indonesian song from malaysian radio, if not your radio station will become official station for rumah kongsi.

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